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My pops is sick.  He’s had cancer in the past.  He’s a tough old man and he beat it.  But it has come back… Twice.  Not so sure he’ll survive this round.  He’s counting in me to take over his business.  It’s not what I want.   It’s not like he doesn’t have others who could do it in my place.  But I know he’s disappointed.  He would never say that.  He’s always been supportive of anything I want.  I feel like honoring my father’s family wishes will keep me from being able to someday have a family of my own.  It’s complicated.

So I said I’m an actor…

I was in a Pampers commercial when I was a toddler.  My Mom was against it, but my Pops approved.  He was always indulging me an my sis.  He was a great supporter of anything we wanted to do.  Not that I was old enough to make that decision for myself, but my Pops had connections to the “screen and TV” world.  A friend of his saw me at some family function and decided I was perfect for this commercial he was involved with…  Bam!, a star was born.  Alright, so it took more time than that.  But I started getting offers for bit parts in kids movies. as an extra in some low budget films, even a minuscule walk on in a major motion picture.  By the time I was able to make a decision, I was hooked, line and sinker!  Loved the attention.  Loved the bustle.  Loved that bright lights and stage gear.  Such a rush!  Like a junkie, I was addicted!  Went to NYU for acting and drama.  That lasted two years.  Hey, I got some good shit out of it.  But I was doing fine on my own.  So, WTF.  Why be in a classroom learning to act when I was getting calls to actually ACT!

The Journey Begins

Hi.  I’m Johnny.  A pseudonym for safety reasons.  It is also my stage name.  I am at a crossroads in my life and decided to start this blog to share my thoughts about my future and to get unbiased feedback from you.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton